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Im Just Stunned – Palin On ABC News September 13, 2008

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Actually I want I’m not just stunned, I’m physically ill.

My aunt called me and said “I just wanted to let you  know that Charlie Gibson is going to interview Sarah Palin on ABC News at 6:30”.

“Why are you telling me this?” I asked.  “Just to let you know that I’m not going to watch it” she said.

Translation – “You watch it and tell me about how much she sounds like Satan.”

“I’m not going to watch her, you watch her”  I told her in no uncertain terms.

“I’m 83 years old and my heart can’t take it” she said.  I can’t believe she pulled out that argument, she never does that.

So I grudgingly turned it on so I could report back.

It was a sham.  Charlie performed well, he thought he was believable.  She will never get an Academy Award.  She is aggressive, arrogant  and a mimic.  I’ve heard parrots deliver more convincingly.

I lasted three minutes and then I turned the tv off.

I’m sick to my stomach, not only at the lies and tripe she was parroting, peppered with buzz phrases  like “weapons of mass destruction”. But also the very idea they have,  that the entire citizenry will fall for this dog and pony show.

Aunt Romayne I love you.  You raised me and taught me so much, but I couldn’t do it, even for you.

I’ll print you out a transcript so you can read it for yourself, I’m weak and now  I have a sick headache.

Oh goddess, iif we don’t start working our butts off to defeat this manifestation of evil, we are so screwed.





This Is What I Did Yesterday – For Obama

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This morning, I woke up angry about what the McCain/Palin Liars Club has been putting out there.

Not only have they been lying about Obama, but now they’re lying about themselves and some people believe it because of the massive advertising campaign he’s been able to launch.

If I truly want to see Obama/Biden win – keep my country free and strong – I have to put my money where my mouth is.

Without going into a lot of details, let me just say that I’m on a very low fixed income.  It’s a couple hundred over $500.00. 

I sent Obama $10.00 today.  Not much but truly all I can. 

Then I got on the phone.  I called my kids, my aunt and my friends and asked them to send $10.00 because if I could find it in my wallet, they can too. 

So far my tally is $110.00,  that I know of.  That’s just me, making 8 calls this morning. 

I sent my motor mouth queen out to fund raise, one on one. Also asked everyone to call their friends and ask for the same.  Who can’t send $10.00?  Truly – $10.00.

If one of my friends can afford $25.00 or more, I asked if they could send that.  But all I asked them to do was commit to $10.00 – and it worked.

I hope everyone of the people I asked will let me know if they got others to do this. 

I wonder how much I can raise today.

Truly people should put their money where their mouth is.

By 11:00 p.m. my total was $731.00 with more promised to be sent to Obama in the next two weeks.

I’m pretty damn happy with that.





The Replacement Vagina September 6, 2008

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Since women are so sought after and venerated because of our genitals, I would like to throw mine into the ring.

Pitching em in to be a Vice President.

I have a vagina, I’ve been an executive.  I could learn how to be Baconian. It seems to be the new thing.

Nominate me and I guarantee that I’ll learn how to shoot a gun and ruin National Park lands.

Maybe I’ll build condos at the Grand Canyon or divert Niagara Falls for my hot tub.

Get out there and campaign for a change.




It’s 1000 Degrees Here Today…. August 19, 2008

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….and if it doesn’t rain soon I’m gonna hurt somebody.

Having fibromyalgia sucks and I ain’t feelin pretty anything except miserable.

Today I accomplished half of nothing because I feel like shit.



I’m an Obamanator August 16, 2008

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Went to a meeting Wednesday for Women for Obama.  It was called by the Democratic Women’s Caucus of Cuyahoga County.

What a wonderful group of women and a great way for me to focus on my participation.  I’m exercising my dialing finger and getting psyched about doing Obama calls and calls for Jennifer Brady who is running for a state house seat in our near suburbs.  It’s an important seat if we want to build up the Democratic presence in the State House and Senate.  It’s the only way our new state Governor and administration can cut through the crap and get the job done.

Still not smoking and I’ve lost 13 pounds while eating very healthy, YAY ME!!!


Some Changes Will Be Made August 10, 2008

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Day 49 of Quitting Smoking.

Do I miss it, hell no.  Not only was I tired of what is what doing to my breathing, I became very tired of paying an outrageous amount for the cigarettes.  Just in case I forget, I’ll write here that I know I spend in excess of $160.00 a month.  How crazy is that?  I’m on a frigging fixed (very low) income and I’m blowing all that money stinking up me, my house and my apartment.  I hope my lungs can recover from some of the damage I’ve done and the COPD goes away.

Okay, I seriously have to lose weight.  I’m a woman on a mission and truly want to drop most of this fat that I’ve loaded on.  This is almost a full-time job.  I’ve got my resources lined up and tomorrow I go to buy a scale.  I lost over 200 lbs. 15 years ago so I can do it again.

If course It’s going to be tough dropping the weight.  With my mobility problems and ripped rotater cup, on top of arthritis and fibromyalgia I have to think outside the exercise path.   I’ll do it though, if I’m alive long enough to see it through.


What I Learned At Camp July 31, 2008

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Last Thursday I was volunteered (by my daughter) to speak with some young people from the GLBT Center (Gay Lesbian Bi-Sexual and Transgender) Center of Cleveland.

My daughter works at the Center as the Case Manager for the Metro Youth Outreach Project, a project which does outreach to GLBT homeless kids and all kids for AIDS testing, safe sex supplies and other services the kids need.  Some need food, some need shelter, some need clothes or bus passes and health care.  They do their best to provide for these kids in a safe, accepting environment.

The agenda for the conversation was to talk about GLBT history in the Cleveland community, accomplishments and how to achieve them.  The first adult said that all people should have self-respect (which is a good thing) and follow the rules – well no.  That was the end of the agenda.

What we wound up with was a great conversation about different perspecitives such as class, race, feminism, the labor movement, AIDS, political issues and the environment and how they imipacted our life.  How to work for change and stand up for our rights, how many of our rights are being eroded while we concentrate on single issues i.e. gay marriage when we may not have health care and jobs.  The point was made that if the environment isn’t saved what good are rights, we won’t be here. 

I was amazed at the interest the kids showed in our lives and the willingness to open up and ask for help. The sense of wonder laid at our feet and the intelligence and enthusiasm of these teens was a joy.  They were rich, poor, some were  homeless.  They had dealt with violence and hate. 

There truly is hope for the next generation if we can get them there in one  piece. 

I got a call from my daughter the next day.  She told me that the kids loved the conversation, but the thing she was happiest about?  The kids loved me and wanted me to be their mom.  

Of course, she volunteered me.